Inclusive language

Everyone’s welcome at Payroc! We choose our words thoughtfully to make sure our language is welcoming and inclusive.

Use gender-neutral nouns and pronouns

You, we, they, them, people

His/hers, she/he, chairman

Avoid inferring gender bias

Folks, people, team, (collective) you

Guys, dudes, ninjas, rockstars

Don’t refer to age or disability unless directly relevant

Where you must refer to protected characteristics, lead with person first

Person with autism

Autistic person

Use people’s preferred pronouns

It’s OK to ask for their preferred pronouns in a respectful way.

Use preferred pronouns or their name if you don’t know

Use assumed pronouns

Write accessibly

Write links with a specific direction and context.

Refer to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines for more information about writing in an accessible way

To learn more about web acessibility guidelines click here

Avoid directional instructions or language that requires the reader to see the layout or design of the page.

Refer to Figure 1, the accessibility diagram, to find out more

See the accessibility diagram opposite this list to find out more

Use words rather than images to describe and explain.

Separate content with headings or numbered steps to break up lots of descriptive or explanatory text

Always provide alt-text for the images you do have to use

Don’t rely on embedded images to convey the entire message, such as screenshots or flow diagrams

Never use flashing or repetitive/fast-moving animated images.

Archaic language

Racist and archaic language has no place in Payroc content. Replace any archaic terms with the terms listed in the use column.

Use Instead of
Allowed White-listed
Blocked Black-listed
Parent Master
Child Slave - if you see ‘slave’ referred to anywhere in the software, raise a bug ticket and get it fixed. If you see it referred to anywhere in Payroc content, flag it in the docs channel and we will remove it.
Stop Abort