Grammar and formatting

Follow these steps if your grammar is a little rusty and keep your writing style consistent with other writers on the team.

Use U.S. spellings and language conventions

Capitalization, program, disk, Oxford comma (RewardPay, ConsumerChoice, CashRewards)

Capitalisation, programme, disc, artefact, licence

Use sentence case capitalization for headings

We work with the best of the best

We Work With the Best of the Best

Use everyday contractions.

Avoid regional or complicated contractions.

Can’t, don’t

Should’ve, couldn’t’ve, y’all’dve

Use plain words instead of slang, idioms or clichés

Let’s get started with RewardPay

Get up and running with RewardPay quick-smart

Avoid unnecessary abbreviations (including Latin)

For example, RewardPay could simplify your payment processing

Simply payment processing e.g. RP from Payroc